What is modal cotton and why should you care?

Have you been looking for a fabric that doesn’t spoil with washing, is durable to heavy wearing, and prevents your feet from marinating? Have you heard of modal? Click here to read more.

Silk cocoons

The best materials for business socks?

In the previous post we discussed how to pick the right socks for your suit. As we noted, matching your socks to the trousers and shoes is only part of the game. If your office dress-code is not shorts and sneakers, then you should not show up with low-cut socks or socks made from low quality…

What is combed cotton?

Most people do not realize that there is a significant difference between conventional and combed cotton. Combing cotton is a way to make the clothing fabric feel more exclusive, stronger, and softer through a highly developed production process. The products made from combed cotton are especially suitable for sensitive skin since they provide a softer…