Wedding Socks- The Ultimate Guide

“Going to get married… la la la…” it will be one of the greatest and biggest days of your life. Joy, happiness, smiles, giggling all around!

To maximise this euphoria, you have to celebrate in style to guarantee that it truly is that PERFECT DAY. In addition to the traditional aspects, for example, great venue, good weather conditions, food and beverages there is another viewpoint truly sends the day into hyper drive…The Wedding Socks!

How to match your socks to your suit?

When wearing suit trousers or casual ones, aside from jeans, the colour of your socks be chosen based on the colour of your trousers and not by the shade or colour of your shoes. Dark jeans or trousers will clearly go with dark socks, and brown trousers with brown socks. The same goes for blue and grey jeans or trousers. Pick your socks carefully for trousers in different tones. Experiment with a few pairs of socks that you own so as to figure out which socks match your jeans or trousers best. If you’re in doubt, a darker colour generally works better.

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