6 Quick Tips for Organizing Socks

One of the most time intensive, baffling and puzzling parts of clothing for the most people is…SOCKS.

Where do those missing socks go? How would you sort socks when you have about half dozen feet who wear just slightly different sizes? Why don’t both socks of a pair ever make it into the same heap of clothing?

The following are six tips you can mix-and-match to help you keep those socks together!

  1. Utilize a mesh laundry sack for all socks.

The downside to this one is you have to actually get all the socks in there in the first place, because who wants to go digging through the dirty laundry for socks?! On the other hand, I do love to do this for baby socks, particularly after we discovered that those modest socks are sufficiently little to get sucked into the drain pipe of the washer and stop up the entire thing!

  1. Utilize small clothes pins to clasp pairs of socks together.

Once more, you’re going to need to verify you do it as the pairs go in the laundry bin, and I’m apprehensive this could be a noisy solution also! Depending on when you do the laundry and where your pantry is, however, the potential commotion may be justified regardless of an attempt!

Use small clothes pins to clip pairs of socks together.

Use small clothes pins to clip pairs of socks together.

  1. Buy an alternate sort/type or color sock per child (for example).

For instance, buy your 2-year-old little girl pink lower leg socks, your 4-year-old child dark socks and your 7-year-old child white socks with a grey toe and heel.

  1. Name every pair of sock with a “dot system”.

Take a permanent marker and make one little dot on the underside of your oldest socks. Add two little dots to your next type of socks (depending on the occasion you are wearing it – sport, business, leisure…). You will have the capacity to rapidly see which socks have a place with which daily occasion. What’s more, if you pass socks down (if your socks last starting with one occasion to the next!), you can basically include another dot.

  1. Keep a basket for “lonely” socks in your pantry.

There’s no reason for putting a “lonely” sock away without its missing half. Keep them in the pantry with the goal that you’ll have the ability to quickly match them when the other sock appears!

Keep a basket for “lonely” socks in your pantry.

Keep a basket for “lonely” socks in your pantry.

  1. Just purchase one kind of sock and simply purchase 1 or 2 colors.

This is like Tip #3, additionally lives up to expectations for grown-ups. Rather than having to stress over sorting and coordinating the socks, you can basically stuff, pile or perfectly lay them in your drawer (depending on your personality type!) and still have the capacity to rapidly grab a pair when required.

Do you regularly end up with missing socks? What tricks do you use to help keep socks together?

Written by I. Borissova for http://www.TheSocks.com


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