Wedding Socks- The Ultimate Guide

This article is for anybody keen on getting wedding socks either from the married couple’s or a guest’s points of view. Here we give you the reasons why they are an incredible gift and every one of the alternatives to drape a wedding out in style.

 Setting the Scene

“Going to get married… la la la =)…” it will be one of the greatest and biggest days of your life. Joy, happiness, smiles, giggling all around!

To maximise this euphoria, you have to celebrate in style to guarantee that it truly is that PERFECT DAY. In addition to the traditional aspects, for example, great venue, good weather conditions, food and beverages there is another viewpoint truly sends the day into hyper drive…The Wedding Socks!

 Two Reasons why Wedding Socks are a Must Have

Style up the Wedding:

If you are having a traditional wedding with ushers, best men and fathers of the bride/groom you will have various dashing “ambassadors” marshalling the wedding. There is no better approach to add a touch of class to a man, than by having a bit glimmer of sock turning out of the trousers.

Each man, who guarantees a great style, wearing a suit, realizes that his tie and socks are the one and only choice to convey on his pre-eminent magnificence!

A Great Gift:

By having men wedding socks, in addition to conveying class to the procedures, it also can be a fabulous memento to those who are your siblings or close to you. Either offers them to the groom party or if you have a spending budget why not give out as favours to everybody.

Men wedding socks that are particularly momentous are customized/personalised socks, where you can truly thank individuals for their efforts with a sincere and thankful message. More specifically, to any groom or bride, what better approach to enhance your relationship with the father in law, than by giving him some awesome heartfelt socks?

 The Definitive Review of Wedding Socks Options 

Accepting you are “on boards” and feel this could add some class and greatness to your wedding, read on… If thus, the following stage is to settle on what style to go for. Wedding socks choices are extensively categorised as following:

Matching Color Scheme Socks

Here you pick a conscious colour to coordinate either the brides/bridesmaid and/or ushers ties and/or blooms.

Socks matching for Groom and Bride

Socks matching for Groom and Bride

Novelty/Themed Socks

Maximize the humor factor with novelty socks, according to the picture below have Batman & Robin socks. What sort of wedding is it? Beach, country, city…  What runs well with that? E.g. for a country/farmer wedding why not go for some themed novelty sheep?!

Put some humor with a themed socks for everyone

Put some humor with a themed socks for everyone

“Encouragement” Funny Socks

To prevent the nerves from creeping in, why not infuse some encouragement/support/humour into the procedures. A well known choice here is to give the groom.

Show that the Groom is Special to you

Show that the Groom is Special to you

”Classy” Bespoke Personalized Socks

Have a powerful and meaningful message “posted” on your socks. For example, your names or date when you met, or a personal message.

Bespoke Personalised Wedding Socks

Bespoke Personalised Wedding Socks

 Assorted Colour Socks

Go a little more “leftfield” here and conceivably with more co-ordination required. What about something essential to you… like the colours of the rainbow or your favourite colour, or the favourite colour of your future wife..?


It is good idea to put some colors on your special day

It is good idea to put some colors on your special day

 Classic Dress Socks

The most usual type of socks grooms wear on their weddings are the Classic Dress Socks. There are two types of socks we can offer you:

1. The exclusive style – A sock for the elegant and classy man. Best known with their discrete colors, premium look and unforgettable feel.

2. The practical comfort – As soft as it can get without compromising strength and look. Bamboo is hypoallergenic and naturally breathable. They are classic and unnoticeable. Famous in the branch with their comfort for a really long and eventful days and nights.

Positioning the Socks

When you have sorted out with your socks, the following stage is to get them to the significant and relevant people, who will be engaged with the wedding. Either send them to every person before the occasion, with a note or some message that you like. Or alternatively and more practically give out them out on the day. However guarantee the substituted socks and their aroma does not also go to the wedding…


The All Important Wedding Socks Pictures

Socks picked tick…

Socks designated tick…

Finally and most importantly guarantee you get out some killer poses for the photographs so they and you can be immortalized. Have fun with those wedding socks and get the best out of this BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE!

Written by I. Borissova for


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