Socks and sandals – an indisputable sin

“Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every 6 months”

 Oscar Wilde

Summer – fashion mistakes are dedicated by men and also by some ladies; however, the distinction is your man may not see how to get rid of his fashion faux pas. Hey gentlemen, you ought to look “HOT” during the summer time rather than a fashion “MUST NOT”. No socks with sandals. Unless you are in the middle of your 80’s — and still, even then it looks absolutely silly, however special cases are made for the elderly — they ought to never wear socks with sandals. Moreover, flip-flops need to be saved for the beach, the seaside or the pool, not out to dinner at a pleasant and classy restaurant. Flip-flops with socks is the second extremely MUST NOT sin.

Socks and flip flops

Socks and flip flops for the stars

 Never have I ever seen a more horrendous and shocking sight than legs of a man wearing socks with sandals. Crime against fashion I hear you cry? Yes, yet doubtlessly it’s a crime against social etiquette! That is to say, who on earth ever maintained that such a strange creation ought to have the privilege to create stunning results? The kind of results that have ladies swooning at the mere sight of a man’s bottom half venturing off a bus; or have them rushing over to a lift to see their terrible mix gradually being revealed like some ignoble prize on a quiz show…  No, no, NO! Nobody, unquestionably nobody believed this could ever be conceivable, so why even attempt it?!

“In fact, wearing socks with shoes has its advantages (though just 3):


  1. Socks help keep your feet clean, shielding them from dust and dampness (in spite of the fact that toe-fluff isn’t precisely the most pleasant thing… unless you’re throwing it at your enemies)
  2. Socks prevent your shoes from rotting like old fruits (actually nobody likes rotting fruits)
  3. Socks make nice puppets (everybody cherishes a good ol’ sock bunny)”


Socks and sandals - casualwaer

Socks and sandals – casualwear

“Nonetheless, surely this doesn’t “legitimize” wearing them with sandals. That is to say, would we be able to not make an exception to the law here; break the shoe-formed mold; sacrifice our feet for the benefit of the bigger plan? When I meet people in the city they’ll absolutely agree with me that the few remaining rebels need ousting – I can say that a lot of people do not like them (the Socks and Sandals not so much the wearers)!

In this way, I guess it’s no surprise that such a despised practice, performed only by anti-social dorks and 1990’s Dads alike, is slowly gaining speed to die out…

… or is it?! Duhn, duhn, DUHHNN!”

Written by I. Borissova for


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