How to match your socks to your suit?

Match Your Socks with Your Trousers, Not Your Shoes

When wearing suit trousers or casual ones, aside from jeans, the colour of your socks be chosen based on the colour of your trousers and not by the shade or colour of your shoes. Dark jeans or trousers will clearly go with dark socks, and brown trousers with brown socks. The same goes for blue and grey jeans or trousers. Pick your socks carefully for trousers in different tones. Experiment with a few pairs of socks that you own so as to figure out which socks match your jeans or trousers best. If you’re in doubt, a darker colour generally works better.

The reason it’s so important to match socks with your trousers is so that you are prepared in case you need to take your shoes off or take a seat and have your socks be exposed. The essential rule here is that your socks should feel like an extension of your trousers. Socks that match your trousers will make your outfit seem more ‘together’. Remember that socks which aren’t well coordinated with your jeans could ruin an otherwise awesome outfit. A man can’t do badly taking this advice, as it serves to make a streamlined look with no unnecessary colour complexity until the eyes meet the shoes. Numerous men also like this rule as its simple nature leaves no space for misunderstanding and confusion.

An extension to the above rule is that you generally need your sock colour to be the same or a darker shade than the colour of your trousers, not a brighter one. So in cases when at you are wearing navy blue trousers, for example, you should wear navy blue or midnight blue socks. The flip-side of this is when you are wearing a suit or trousers on the lighter side – then it is alright to match your sock to the colour of your shoe. For instance, if you’re wearing beige-coloured khakis or slacks, you don’t have to wear beige-coloured socks.

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Some men like to wear multi-coloured socks with distinctive patterns (argyles, stripes, etc.) or strong bright coloured socks that match a pocket square or tie. This may be appropriate for specific event, however, you should stay away from this trend when you’re going to work or a meeting.

Generally, once a man feels confident that he could define his own style, he shouldn’t hesitate to experiment with this rule. Doing so will empower him to bring into his closet an extensive variety of designs and maybe even brightly coloured socks that traditionalist dressers would avoid.

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