Men’s worst fashion sins

Fashion is the perfect way to express your personality and individuality, it is also the best way to make a good, or bad, first impression on people you meet. How you dress and the attention you pay to your appearance can make a difference when it comes to the opinion someone forms of you and how much you are respected, trusted and ultimately liked.  To look like a gentleman it is important to pay attention to the small details and ensure everything about your appearance is perfect, giving you the look you actually desire. Here you will find some of men’s worst fashion sins, these are all fashion mistakes you should avoid making at all costs.

Socks Mistakes:                       

For some reason, socks are one of the most common items of clothing worn completely wrong, you should not:

  • Wear socks with shorts.
  • Wear socks with sandals.
  • Wear white socks with dress shoes (unless your dress shoes are white…which is a fashion mistake in itself).
  • Wear patterned or childish socks with a suit.
  • Wear odd socks, or socks with holes in.

For tips and info on how to pick the best socks, check out here:

Socks #Fail

Fashion Mistakes:

  • Not dressing age appropriately, including wearing a fashion brand aimed at teenagers, when you are actually in your 40’s.
  • Wearing sunglasses indoors or at night is not cool, despite popular belief. If you’re not being blinded by the sun, ditch your shades.
  • Y-fronts are potentially the worst of all fashion mistakes, and surely a turn off for most women.
  • Too much jewellery, especially things like rings on the small finger or an abundance of necklaces, unless you’re in the mob, this isn’t a good look.
  • Wearing oversized clothing, particularly suits that are too big.
  • Wearing trousers that come up very high on the waist, these will most likely make you look out of proportion.
  • Really tight t-shirts don’t look great. In order to make this look work you need to have a very good body, but even then, there’s a good chance it will still look silly.
  • Outdated fashion such as: mesh clothing, embellished jeans, i.e. jeans with studs, embroidery, crystal swirls and patterns, fur coats, leather trousers, sideways baseball cap.

Beauty mistakes:

  • Highlights: these rarely look good and instead usually end up looking quite stupid.
  • Over the top tans: having a tan is one thing, men look good with a tan, but there is a limit. Go overboard on the tanning, or get a dreadful orange spray tan, and you will most likely put off anyone you are trying to attract.
  • Partially bald with a long pony tail: losing your hair on one part of your head does not then mean you have to grow the rest to compensate. Comb-overs and bald patches accompanied with a long pong tail are looks to avoid.
  • Too much aftershave: nobody wants to risk an asthma attack just to speak to you, limit your cologne and deodorant.

Along with the above just pay attention to what you are wearing, try not to wear clothes that are stained or have holes in them, or clothes that look old (unless of course you are doing the decorating in which case go crazy. )

written for by

Izzy Evans


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