What is modal cotton and why should you care?

Have you been looking for a fabric that doesn’t spoil with washing, is durable to heavy wearing, and prevents your feet from marinating? Have you heard of modal? Below we will explain what modal is and what are its benefits.

How is modal made?

First of all, modal cotton is actually not cotton. Modal is made from reconstituted cellulose collected from the pulp of beech trees (most frequently). Then, after some chemical treatment, the resulting material is spun into fabrics used to produce clothes.

You can see a sample process of modal spinning below:

How is modal fabric made

How is modal made

What are modal’s advantages?

First of all, it is claimed to be about 50% more water-absorbent than cotton. This makes it more preferable for people who lead an active lifestyle or simply sweat a lot. In particular for socks, this quality is highly appreciated as it prevents you from getting sweaty, stinky feet.

Furthermore, clothes made from modal fabrics are prone to stretching and pilling, which makes them more resistant to wear and tear, and preserves their appealing looks over time. Wondering why you should care – check out the difference below.

Pilling in cotton vs modal

Pilling in cotton vs modal

Some manufacturers claim that modal fabrics are also resistant to mineral deposits from hard water, which makes the smooth and soft feeling of the modal fabrics last longer. This is one of the reasons why modal is highly preferable for places with hard water such as London.

Effects of hard water

Effects of hard water

Lastly, modal is smoother and softer than mercerised cotton, which is in turn, smoother and softer than combed cotton.

How to wash and iron modal?

You can wash your modal fabric clothes similarly to any cotton clothes. High temperatures can damage or weaken the fabrics, so the preferable washing temperature is 30C. With regards to ironing – iron similarly to wool. Add water to the iron, and never iron the fabric dry. Always use steam heat when pressing.

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What do you think? Have you worn modal?


One thought on “What is modal cotton and why should you care?

  1. HI Guys, great to get more info about this fabric. I have always loved rayon, and these new celllose-based fabrics are terrific.
    However, do check your wording in the line beginning , “Furthermore,…” on stretching and pilling!! Not what you intended, I think.

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