How to Wash Your Socks?

For most people, socks are not necessarily something to think about. In fact, our research (which we will soon publish here) has shown that most people remember socks either when they can’t find any to wear, or when they are embarrassed by the ones they are wearing at the moment. Interestingly enough, male business or dress socks are mostly bought by men as an auxiliary purchase (mostly jeans) or by women as a gift for their husbands, partners, fathers, or sons. Moreover, it seems like most of us don’t really know how to take care of our socks. From buying them (what to buy, what to look for), through wearing them (what to wear and how to match it), down to washing them. This is especially true for men.

best socks with

Do you ever feel like you don’t have the right socks for the occasion?

Furthermore, most people don’t even realize that there is a full plethora of choice determined not only by colour, but also material (e.g. bamboo, cotton, modal, silk, wool and etc.), knitting (number of needles and etc), and features (some have anti-bacterial, others – odour control). This short article is meant to explain how to wash your socks depending on their material.

  1. Don’t just throw them in with the rest of your clothes. This leads to the accumulation of lint and often damages the fabric of the socks.
  2. Turn them inside out. That way you will preserve the outside smoothness and look for much longer. You can even clip pairs to each-other in order not to waste time organizing. Most clippers can damage the socks, so look for a smaller and gentler variations.
  3. Use cold washing – 30°C should be enough. Too much heat will damage the fabric and affect its elasticity. With some materials it could lead to shrinkage (cotton) or damage the fabric (silk).
  4. Do NOT use bleach or harsh chemicals, in fact, use only a little detergent or natural soap. Softener could also be good, as long as you do not put too much.
  5. Do not tumble dry – best is to squeeze the water from them and then hang-dry inside or outside. In case you would really want to tumble dry, use low temperatures and slow rotation.
  6. Do not iron – it’s a waste of time and a fire hazard. Some materials can be highly inflammable.
  7. Fold as opposed to roll. Rolling your socks can damage the elastic and make them look saggy. Simply folding your socks preserves their look and feel for longer.

Cotton socks are sensitive to heat

We hope this was helpful. Do you have other ideas or suggestions? Please let us know! Also, tell us what else you’d like to know about socks and we would gladly research it for you.

Socks for Players

Treat your socks well, if you want them to last longer


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