What are the advantages of Bamboo Socks?

bamboo-fabricWe are often surprised when our customers tell us they have never heard of bamboo socks. Not that one should know every sock fabric out there – that is our job. Yet you would think that, given the numerous advantages of wearing bamboo socks, it would be more popular of a socks fabric. We felt like pointing out some of the advantages has to be done to remedy that.

bamboo-dress-socksWhen we set out on designing our collection we have already talked to more than 200 people on what matters most to them in a sock. We knew that comfort and durability should be a given for all models. But when attributes like:

  • Anti bacterial / hypoallergenic fabric,
  • Moisture absorbency,
  • High softness and breathability,

started coming out, we knew that pure cotton won’t completely do it. That is when bamboo made into TheSocks’ collection.

Due to a substance called “bamboo kun” the fabric is naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal. Clothes made from bamboo are many times more moisture absorbent than those made from regular fabrics. The degree of “silky feel” and breathability are determined by the percentage of bamboo fabric used in the mix and the needle count of the sock. While most sock suppliers will not use over 60% of bamboo, we decided to offer the highest quality. That is why we designed our socks with 80% bamboo. The rest of the mix contains CoreSpun Lycra – the fabric is woven around the elastane thread so that no pure elastane ever touches your skin. Furthermore, all these properties remain even after 35-40 washes.bamboo-mens-socks

Add to that the seamless toe knit, reinforced heel, toe and elastic band which come as standard on all our socks, and you have yourself a sock worthy of its name – TheSamurai.

Also being the fastest growing plant on the planet (1-4 feet per day) without any fertilizers used, you are making an eco-friendly choice when buying bamboo socks. You don’t have to go on a guilt trip about a Panda missing its lunch so you could step on clouds.




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