Men’s guide to mixing patterns


Patterns are perhaps one of the best ways of adding a bit of excitement and uniqueness to your war
drobe, you can use patterns to reflect your personality, your mood of the day, or even to just make you look slimmer or taller.  With patterned fabrics and clothing you can completely create your own style and fashion. However, if you misuse patterns, overuse patters or simply have no idea how to wear patterned clothing, you might find your attempt at looking unique, makes you look a little too unique, singling you out a bit too much.  Below you’ll find the Do’s and Dont’s of wearing patterns.

Wearing patterns with confidence is easy, when you know how, here are some tips:

  • When wearing patterns don’t just consider the pattern itself, but the size of the pattern, for example you could wear a polka dot top with small spots and a waistcoat with larger dots, just because the pattern is the same it doesn’t necessarily mean the outfit is going to work. Try to avoid wearing the same pattern in the same sizes as this might be a little too much pattern, and try to wear the same pattern but in a variety of sizes, making the outfit much easier on the eye.
  • There are some patterns that are considered busy patters; paisley is a perfect example of this. When wearing something like paisley the last thing you want to do is add other pieces of clothing that are also busy, as this may be too much for the eye to absorb and may clash. If you do want to wear busy patterns together, choose them carefully.


  • Consider the colours you wear, if you clash the colours then regardless of the patterns, the outfit will clash. Keeping different patterns within a specified colour scheme ties the various pieces of clothing together creating an overall good look and helping the various patterns to work in unison, rather than clashing.
  • Clashing it

    Clashing it

    Consider the fabrics, when mixing patterns it is often a good idea to ensure the fabrics are all the same, for example, all made from
    cotton. This will help the outfit to blend together, and will avoid one piece of clothing standing out much more than the others.

  • Remember there is a difference between a patterned fabric and an item of clothing that has a geometrical print, it is often a good idea to wear the two together rather than two patterned fabrics together. Consider this whenever you feel like your outfit is missing something but you aren’t sure which pattern works best.
  • Don’t be too rigid with your pattern wearing, throw caution to the wind and try mixing outfits, you will see for yourself if the pattern simply doesn’t work or if it is too much. Remember, pattern wearing is all about looking and feeling unique, expressing yourself through the clothes you wear, so whilst these are guidelines and tips, they are by no means a rigid set of instructions.  Have fun with your patter wearing and try new things to suit your personality.


Mastering pattern wearing isn’t exactly easy, however, once you have mastered the art, you will never go back to wearing plain, tedious clothing ever again.  You can go wrong with wearing too many patterns, however, you’ll never get it right unless you try, and eventually you will know exactly what works for you and what doesn’t.



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