Summer Essentials

We know Summer is here, and you might not be up to speed with what hot trend is on the lips of those who care about hot trends. No worries. We have all of Summer essentials, and what style you should get them in, right here.

neckerchiefmainThe Neckerchiefs and Ties

Neckerchiefs aren’t exactly a reserved choice, but done well they can give the wearer a certain chique quality, which is certainly a recurring theme this Summer. This is also reflected in the surge of lightweight ties we are seeing. While such a formal accessory may seem an odd choice in the warmer months, you’ll see why this was so prominent at this years fashion shows.


While smart casual is a prominent trend, bold choices aren’t exactly shying away. Sunglasses are choosing to rebel, and the overarching rule is this – the more “out there”, the better. Go big with your choices, as everything from leopard print, to clear plastic, to John Lennon circle glasses were spotted on the faces of the rich and the famous.

untitled-7-EditThe Short Sleeved Shirts

Short sleeve shirts are also choosing not to show restraint, with floral prints emerging as the style of choice. This extends to trousers as well, but it takes a man with a lot of confidence to pull off a flowery style from top to bottom. Buttoned shirts won out over plain old t-shirts on the runways, in yet another sign that formal is the way to go in 2014.

The Double Breasted Blazersmilan-fashion-week-street-style-blazers-3

The height of the formal trend, double breasted blazers may seem like an odd choice to supplant hoodies for those times when a t-shirt just
won’t do. But it will make sense when you see what was on show at the fashion shows of the last few months, because these aren’t the black or grey blazers you are used to. Block colours were shown to be the way to go, with particular emphasis on reds and pinks. Team this with the aforementioned lightweight tie for the best results.

The Trousers

Bringing it all together, you have two choices in trouser styles if you want to remain on point in 2014. Firstly, teaming your simply coloured blazer with a matching pair of trousers is a clever way to go. If you don’t want to dress in one colour however, white trousers are the go to alternative, or you can take the plunge and go floral, with the style proving as popular below the waist as above it. A block colour or a floral pattern are also your choices when it comes to shorts, but avoid anything below the knee. Trousers that come slightly short of the ankle and short-shorts are more popular than board shorts this year.


With formal dominating, it may be a wise move to team all of the above clothes with better socks than your three years old polka dotted ones. Combed cotton socks offer comfort without sacrificing breathability, an essential when the thermometer starts to rise (or at least when we hope it will rise, this is Britain after all).



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