Blast From The Past


Blast from the past


or 10 old school gadgets that are still cool today

If you love all things retro or your simply looking for a blast from the past then check out the following list of old school gadgets that will never die, it’s sure to tap into that memory bank of yours as it did with TheSocks team!

Casio Watch

Okay so you may associate Casios with the hipsters of today who you’ll usually find dancing to house music whilst dressed in a ridiculous ensemble of skinny jeans teamed with an over-sized 90’s shell jacket. However Casio watches hit the scene in the 1980’s and since then they haven’t really gone away!

Casio watches were the most popular, among teens in the 80’s and 90’s too! They began as a bit of a nerdy trend particularly when they introduced a range of calculator watches.

The models cheap and clunky styling were a massive hit in the late 80’s and early 90’s, everyone had a Casio, it was the only type of watch to have. The Vintage looking watches are still about today and believe it or not they are still in production.


If your a gamer or even a lover of all things retro you’ll know about Tetris! How can we forget that familiar sound of the Tetris theme tune? We’ve been rearranging the tetrominoes to create horizontal lines since 1984 and it seems that this Russian born game is still a much loved favourite.


The Polaroid Camera

Today we have so many different ways of taking photos – however back in the 50’s people couldn’t get instant images simply at the click of a button until the instant camera we refer to as the Polaroid was released that is! The Polaroid was the world first instant camera and even today people can’t get enough with smartphone apps being released that aim to mirror the experience of the Polaroid.

The Rubik’s Cube

RubiksCubeCatEveryone has tried to complete a Rubiks Cube one in their life and if you haven’t then you haven’t lived! The cube has left millions of people in complete confusion and frustration over the years, if your ever solved the cube you’d be considered a genius!

Rubiks Cubes are famous all over the world and have become quite a phenomenon since the first one was sold in 1977. Over the years 350 million have been sold along with a wide range of nostalgic merchandise and memorabilia.

The love for the Rubiks Cube continues with a new cube being released in 2013, the cube has an all new faster action mechanism and more durable though tiles. The Rubiks cube has also began as sport called speedcubing, which has become a phenomenon in itself!

The Game Boygameboy-advance-spgame-boy-advance-sp-pearl-blue--unassigned-video-games---walmart-cf3dkkld

How could be not include the Nintendo Game Boy? Part of the fourth generation of gaming the Game Boy was the in thing to have throughout the 90’s. It was simple, if you didn’t have a game Game Boy you simply weren’t cool, kids and big kids would sit for hours on end playing some of their much loved favourite games like Sonic and Super Mario.

Since the first Game Boy Original was introduced in 1989 there have been many more models some of which are the Gameboy Colour, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy DS.


Okay, so Converse aren’t exactly gadgets but they will never die and thats why they’ve made the list! Converse are bigger now than ever, their Chuck Taylor Basketball Shoe is extremely popular and has been produced in many different styles, colours and materials over the years!

Kenner Lightsaber

One thing that will never die is Star Wars, its fan base is huge and as time goes by the love for the epic space opera franchise lives on.

In 1980, Kenner released a Return of the Jedi “The Force” toy lightsaber in red and yellow which was later replaced in 1983 with green. Of course the new improved lightsaber was a much love phenomenon and it still is today!

The saber works by simply swinging it back and forth and requires no electricity whatsoever. The swinging movement causes air to rush through the hollow shaft which then makes a humming noise – pretty cool right! The original design is so effective that even the newer designs use the same concept!


Create your own masterpiece on an Etch-A-Sketch – a classic drawing toy that doesn’t require any batteries just a great imagination with a touch of creativity! Remember making some memorable masterpieces simply by turning the knobs to draw horizontal, vertical and with a bit of practise diagonal lines. When your ready to start a fresh? Simply give it a shake and your back to square one!

_vyrp12_27240-690bMystic 8 Ball

The Mystic 8 Ball was created in the 50’s and is a super cool fortune telling device, it’s also great if your looking for advice too! You can literally use the Ball to make your decisions for you, okay so don’t take it too seriously but if you’re indecisive and need a helping hand this could be perfect for you!


Creating your own 3D sculpture with Pinart is truly nostalgic – remember pushing different objects or even body parts into the pins and making real life images there and then! Using your imagination to create weird and wonderful creations and get this Pinart doesn’t even require batteries!

Did we miss a gadget? Tell us about a gadget you loved and didn’t make the list.


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