Rugged But Refined Men’s Style Looks

gerard butler rugged look

Rugged But Refined Men’s Style Looks



rugged men style lookSome of the hottest fashions for men right now bring together two styles that had previously been considered to be found at nearly opposite ends of the spectrum: rugged and refined. As strange as this may sound, it is a look that is appealing to many people, and it truly works. It complements a range of different body types and is as comfortable as it is attractive. It is a careful combination of the old favorite comfortable clothing with a few added touches to bring it up a notch.

This means that those beloved military, hunting, and outerwear inspired looks that you’ve always loved can be cleaned up and converted into a style that sacrifices neither function nor form. It’s just that the function side of the clothing is slightly more subtle than the typical pieces that have been worn for kicking back all these years.

The rugged and refined men’s style is defined by a number of different features. Your clothes should be:

  • Made of materials and weaves that can live up with what life and nature has to offer, such as leather, denim, and rough weaves like tweed.
  • Fitted enough to show off the best parts of a physique, but never tight or clingy.
  • Loose enough to be comfortable and allow for a full range of motion, but never baggy.
  • Simple; never showy or excessively embellished.

To achieve the rugged and refined look, use the following tips to get started:

  • Dress with purpose: Choose a few basic items from your wardrobe. You don’t need layer upon layer, especially when it’s hot out. All you need to do is mix up a few foundation pieces and you’ll have lots of looks in the same style without having a closet filled with unnecessary pieces.
  • Top it off right: Dress shirts aren’t a part of this look. Save them for work if you’re in a traditional office or 3d70ca292b4a97de55e5e75632ee6f1csimilar atmosphere. For your rugged and refined look, choose shirts that aren’t designed to be dressy, that look better when they are not tucked in, and that have shorter tails. Plaid is a great pattern for this look. If you don’t want plaid, choose one made out of rough material, possibly a work shirt. If you want to go camo or western, make sure that those are the only pieces in that theme in your whole look. You’re not trying to be a cowboy or a soldier, you just want a hint of that rugged style.
  • Select your slacks: This is relatively simple, so don’t over think it. Choose a small number of very good quality, reliable pants that you can break in and that will have a great fit. Proper fit is key. They shouldn’t be either too skinny, too baggy, or too dramatic a boot cut. They should look like they belong to you. Blue jeans in a darker tone and work pants in tan are perfect for this look. To keep the comfort level to a maximum go for a pair of combed cotton sock.

Once you have the right pieces, all you need to do is throw them on. Don’t forget to take the actual weather into account. Remember that function is an important part of this look. If you’re wearing a leather jacket in the middle of summer, you’re missing the point.

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