The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Jeans


Jeans – the classic piece of clothing that will never go out of style. Everyone has a pair of these denim numbers in their wardrobe; if not now, then definitely at some stage in their life. There’s no doubt why they’re such a classic piece either, jeans are comfy, wearable, and (often) long-lasting – the ultimate piece of clothing. But despite their iconic status, so many people, men and women alike, get it wrong (sometimes, very, very wrong). So today, I’m here on behalf of Fit Fashion to give you the ultimate guide to men’s jeans.

The Fit

slim fit jeans fit fashionFirstly, before you even consider how you’re going to style your jeans, it’s essential that you choose the ‘perfect pair’. So how do you find the pair perfect for you?
Lets start off with the fit. Most men when shopping for jeans buy bigger waistbands than what they need. The trick is to make sure you can fit no more than two fingers between your waist and the band. The waist should never go above the belly button. Finally, don’t buy jeans that fit perfectly. They will inevitably stretch during your first 20-30 wears so consider sizing down. Also remember to get the right length. If not sure, opt for a longer pair. This way you can fold them over or go for desired alterations.
Once you’ve got the sizing down to T, it’s now time to pick the style of jean. Should you go for a classic, straight leg or bootcut; or should you try one of the latest trends such as the ‘drop crotch’ or the ‘carrot’ jeans? While there are plenty of men (young and old) wearing the latest trends in the world of jeans, trust me when I say your best bet is sticking with a classic. Drop Crotch Jeans may have been fashionable in their early days, but it’s now become the subject of ridicule across the fashion industry.
You can’t go wrong with a pair of straight or bootcut jeans whatever body shape you have, and if you’re on the slimmer size, tapered jeans are a great modern classic for the discerning gentleman.


jeans stylingGreat – so you’ve got your perfect pair, now it’s time to style them. This is where you can have a lot of fun.
For a casual yet fashionable look, simply throw on your favourite relaxed t-shirt and some bright and colourful trainers, and you’re good to go. Add a leather jacket for some added edge, or play it cool with a sports jacket or hoodie. For the ultimate in classic looks, go for a plain white t shirt, faded blue jeans, and a pair of Converse. For the finishing touch you can put a pair of stylish combed cotton socks.
When it comes to smarter outfits, your best bet is to stick to darker colours, such as black and deep blue. Wear with a tweed jacket, shirt or polo and add a pair of brogues (a tan pair can look great with deep blue jeans) for a gentlemanly look (moustache not required). For an off duty look, simply turn up the bottoms of your jeans (without revealing your ankle) and add some jazzy socks for a fun yet smart outfit. Whatever you do though, never wear a pair of black shoes with jeans; it’s very rare that this look can work.
Of course, a guide to styling jeans wouldn’t be complete without a mention of the dreaded DD (Double Denim). Should you try it? Are you brave enough? My advice is to stay away from double denim if you’re not sure on how to pull it off. If you do give it a go, make sure you wear opposite colours on top and bottom, go for black jeans and a pale blue shirt, never wear all one colour; unless you want to look like a cowboy…


Finally, it’s always worthwhile looking after your jeans properly. Not only will it keep you looking good, but it’ll help them to last for years. Always make sure to check the label before washing. Some jeans will shrink if tumble dried, or require washing before your first wear as the dark dye may transfer to lighter clothing. When washing, always turn them inside out and avoid, where possible, drying in sunlight to prevent the colour from fading.
So there you have it, the ultimate guide to men’s jeans. Now even if you don’t have any interest in fashion, you don’t have any excuse to not have the perfect pair of jeans and wear them well!

This post was written by Sarah, from Fit Fashion, an online retailer of jeans.


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