Fashion Don’ts for Men

Hawaiian shirtCommon sense is something men pride on. Common fashion sense on the other hand, I am not so sure. The thing is most men acquire their fashion sense by trial and error or through those role model guys around us. And since they did the same, it is only natural that some bizarre fashion choices keep repeating over and over.  That is also why we will continue to see guys wearing sandals with socks, tie tips below the belt line, untucked office shirts and the world’s favorite – white socks with a dark suit. “I knew that”, you might sigh in relief. Well, great! It means you are ready to take it to the next level.

colorsColors and Patterns

You’ve probably heard that in nature, the males over many species rely on bright colors and dazzling patterns to attract a partner. Still, if you are not looking to attract a female peacock, there are a couple of basic principles to follow which apply to our own kind.

One of the biggest fashion mistakes men make is wearing too many different colors together in one outfit. It is too much for the eyes to take in, and whilst it does draw attention it’s not the right kind of attention.

Try to choose two solid colors and two patterns (no more than three patterns). This will provide a healthy balance between plain and pattern and allow people to appreciate the outfit you are wearing much more.

Luckily there are tools out there to help us translate some of those more abstract concepts into easy to follow rules. Like this very intuitive color wheel principles.

Dressing for the Occasion 

red-carpetThere is nothing more off-putting than a man who doesn’t consider the occasion when choosing an outfit.  The occasion should define what outfit we choose, if it is a special occasion we show the effort we have made for it through our appearance, not doing so can give the impression you don’t care. In our previous blog article we covered in details how to choose the right suit for those special occasions.  If you want to be taken seriously the rule of thumb is – there rarely is an occasion where Hawaiian shirts, cowboy boots and jewelry with its own gravitational field is called for.

blingDesigner Labels

Does your job require you to drive very fast through tight corners? Do you travel the world singing on stadiums? Do you consider your body a prime estate for advertisers to buy? If the answer is „No” then you are better off being discrete with the logos and labels. Even if you are a fan sometimes saying less is saying more. The only exception in my mind are your socks. Having a recognizable brand logo on your socks not only helps you keep the pairs together, but seeing it also shows that you care about your outfit even in the tiniest of details.

The Fabrics

leather jacketMixing fabrics is like mixing chemical solutions – with knowledge and just the right ratios you can achieve top levels of purity. And if your chemistry is as rusty as mine, you should stick to boiling water or in other words the basics. Generally fabrics are considered to fall into categories in terms of season. Linen, for example is associated with summer while wool and leathers are winter styles and never should they be worn in the same time.

Certain fabrics also provoke certain associations. Leather, for example and leather jackets per say are considered masculine and aggressive. Think of tweed on the other hand and you are probably picturing a conservative British professor. Silk clothes are considered formal while denim is more everyday and relaxed.

There you have it. These are the guidelines for you to follow. Bear these in mind when you choose your outfits and you won’t have to worry about being branded fashion unable again.

About the author: Izzy Evans is a 20 year old student from University of Darby. She enjoys reading and writing for fashion blogs


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