The suits of James Bond throughout the years


Classic, timeless and gentlemen right down to his choice of socks, James Bond (or should I say 007) is a true example of a fashionable role model to men of all ages. To those who aspire to pull off Bond’s way with women and those men who want to look as suave and sexy as him in a suit. Throughout the years his style has remained classic yet sophisticated and timeless.

Sean Connery

Lets start from the beginning

with the first Bond in 1962 – the one and only Sean Connery. He was often spotted sporting the ageless single-breasted navy blazer. The navy suit is a staple in any mans wardrobe and it depends on the individual’s looks, figure and style on whether they choose a single-breasted blazer or double. For a more casual look the single-breasted blazer can be put together with grey trousers as well as navy, Austin Reed has an extensive selection; coming in a variety of colors Navy is the classic Bond look, continued by Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan. The double-breasted blazer looks better on taller men and is a piece that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Roger Moore

the-man-with-the-golden-gun-roger-moore-james-bond-james-bond-684069288was the next infamous Bond, his style of choice was The Safari Suit, with the structured shoulders and tailored waist this look gives off a casual yet modern look, the perfect English gentlemen. This is a timeless leisurely look for men, especially in the Summer months as the fabrics are often a lot lighter and the colour schemes are paler making it more appropriate for hotter weather.

Fast-forward to the start of the Twentieth Century

Pierce Brosnanand Pierce Brosnan has stepped in. One of the most iconic looks for all of the Bond men has been the black, navy and even white Dinner Suit! This look can be so striking on men and is the perfect attire for formal occasions. From significant birthdays, red carpet events to weddings, black is by far the most popular colour. However Brosnan has worn navy and white. The Dinner Suit comes out in the most adventurous parts of the films and often when Bond is on a secret mission or up to no good. The key to the perfect Dinner Jacket are the ‘lapels’ the most classic bond-esque is the pointed lapel, giving the illusion of a classic wide chest.

Daniel Craig

content_1With the latest Bond – Daniel Craig, it is all about the accessories and finishing touches – the perfectly tied bow tie, down to the braces he looks and breathes smoothness. When pairing a bow tie with your suit always make sure it matches the lapel, whether it be a satin finish or matte. Braces aren’t always a popular choice but they often allow you to wear a suit without a belt and if you opt for a three-piece suit or double-breasted jacket no one will even know you are wearing them. And another little tip for those aspiring to emulate their super hero, ditch the elastic bow ties and learn to tie a bow. It is trickier than a normal tie but at the end of an evening chasing after baddies, when you loosen the knot and let the ends drape on your shoulders you will attract attention ranging from admiration to pure envy.

Bond’s look will never go out of style. His allure has nothing to do with handguns and gadgets but everything to do with the cut of his suit. Too baggy and you’ll end up looking like your dad, too tight and nothing will be left to the imagination. Get it right and you’ll be dressed to thrill.


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