Recycle your old socks. It does matter

Earth recyclemissing socksOne way or another, we have all been touched by the great mystery of disappearing socks. Popular culture tells us that a great deal of them become victims to the black hole that comes as standard in modern washing machines. Some folks speak of daring night escapes from drawers, carefully planned for months. Details become even more vague when we ask about what happens to those gone missing. Some believe they go on a long spiritual journey and are found months later. Others think that it was just their time to go to the eternal hunting grounds and questioning their methods is silly. Since the sock reasoning is out of the human reach for now, we are not going to concern ourselves with those type of socks. What we are going to do instead, is look into what happens to those socks that were purposefully abandoned by us people.

Just something to consider

land fill

Kidding aside for a moment, did you know that nylon is the most common material for socks these days? Did you also know that for such a sock, left on the land fill, it might take thousands of years to decompose? Even those made out of natural fibers like wool or cotton could decompose in centuries if no moisture is present. And lets face it, land fills are not exactly rain forests. Add to that picture the fact that around 20 billion pair of socks are produced each year and that a regular family of four is bound to lose up to sixty socks every year and you have yourself quite a serious matter. Actually how we choose to treat our old socks and underwear really makes a difference.

Green is no longer a color. It’s an attitude

If you are still reading this, congratulations. You are not one of those people who’s natural reaction to bad news is blunt denial. Indeed there are many minor things you could do to even the green attitude scales with those who left the conversation. For starters you could take a second look on the labels of the socks you are buying and go for the natural fabrics – cotton, wool, silk etc. The real beauty is that in the world of modern manufacturing, with no compromise to comfort, a pair of cotton socks can be found on the same price as ones made with nylon. If not cheaper.

Animal ShelterSecond easiest thing you can do, is extend the useful life of the garments you no longer wear. Donating clothes is simple, easy and you don’t have to go out of your way to do it- if time constraint is your worry. And if a Google search for the nearest donation center seems a bit of a stretch, here is one great proposition from us to get you started. Whats more, not only people could benefit from your good will. Animal shelters, for example, are always in need of old clothes for bedding and towels.

Take a pause for the cause

sock puppetLastly, our personal favorite part – when you have the time to exercise your creativity. While making dust rags, pot covers and quilts out of socks is for beginners, there are quite a few socks recycling projects out there that could really twist your imagination. Be warned though, some of those projects can become surprisingly addictive. Not to mention contagious, when your guests come to admire the results of your new found green hobby. And to get you started on your upcoming house projects, below you will find a 25% discount coupon for our cotton socks. Please do not forget to send us a picture of your socksy creation once its done. We will make sure to spread the word.

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