Silk and Combed Cotton clothes every man Must have

combed cotton clothing

It’s well known that every man should have a good suit, but beyond that one purchase, most guys don’t put that much thought into their wardrobes. Unless their work requires them to absolutely look their best, chances are that their wardrobe consists of that good suit for special occasions, day-to-day jeans and T-shirt combo, and a pair of dress shoes, along with some casual clothing chosen purely because it fits. If that sounds like your wardrobe, may be its time to find out what you’re missing out on by adding some truly flattering accessories made from some of the world’s most comfortable fabrics.

Combed Cotton For Unparalleled Comfort

Combed cotton is an incredibly soft and comfortable fabric. It is strong and breathable, and because it is a completely natural, it is a great choice for people who have allergies or skin conditions, and people who work in hot or humid conditions. Combed cotton is almost as comfortable to wear as denim, and looks a lot smarter.

combed cotton pantsThe pants – given that man value comfort more than anything, than a clothing you do not notice true your day, would be the very definition of male comfort. If you are looking for something that is easier to take care of than wool, but dressy enough that you can wear it to the office, then combed cotton dress pants are a top choice. With the correct care, such pants will last you for many years. They go with almost any clothing articles from other materials and chances are you’ll probably end up wearing them for all of your “smart casual” occasions.

The polo shirt – If you’ve been put off by  polo shirts because you wore cotton and polyester ones for gymcotton polo shirt class at school, you should definitely give them a second chance. Depending on the color, it might not be the best fit during office hours, but for anywhere else it is golden. Walking the dog, trip to the movies, a night at the pub – a combed cotton polo shirt will give you a smart, confident and stylish look. Not to mention that it goes great with both sweaters and hoodies.

quality combed cotton socksThe socks often underestimated, the comfort a sock can provide is tremendous. Believe it or not, if at the end of your day your feet are suffering it might not necessarily be because of your shoes. It is also likely that your skin does not get enough air or that your arch and heel are being irritated by the constant curling and wrinkling of your sock while you walk. Luckily a pair of quality combed cotton socks can remedy all that. Due to its elasticity it will take the anatomical shape of your foot without being tight or irritating to the skin, giving you that sweet soft feeling.

Silk For Glamorous Style

Have you ever found yourself thinking “Look at that show-off with his silk suit and shirt” while secretly admiring the heads he is turning? Silk clothes often have that effect and it’s no coincidence. Besides its timeless style the fabric is inevitably associated with luxury and exclusivity. It is lightweight, strong, breathable, hypo-allergenic and last but not least – looks outstanding.

silk shirtThe shirt – Every man should try at least one silk shirt during his lifetime. Even if you doubt you will ever wear it, the soft touch against the skin is a comfortable feeling that would make you think twice. A neutral-coloured silk shirt will go with almost any pair of trousers, including combed cotton dress trousers. Not to mention that it will make you appear even more outgoing and self-confident.

The tie – A dark coloured silk tie, without too garish a pattern on it, can smarten up any simple suit, even your day-to-day one. If you attend a lot of client meetings, or have to dine out a lot, keep a silk tie in your briefcase so that you’re never caught feeling under-dressed. Even if you don’t have your jacket on you, a quality silk tie will take your ensemble up to the next level of professionalism. Combine it with you silk shirt and you are bound to turn some heads yourself.

The underwear – Silk underwear is some of the world’s best-kept fashion secret. It keeps you cool in the summer, and traps heat in the winter. It allows for a better regulation of your body temperature and staying on top of your game whatever the weather is doing. Even though no-one can see what you’re wearing, the comfort you are enjoying is bound to influence your attitude and mood.

Contrary to some beliefs, combining comfort and a stylish look on a day-to-day basis is not a privilege of the rich or those born with fashion sense. And if I might rephrase the words of a famous movie character who was stuck to that one style every day /which some argue lead to his demise in the end/- Great look, as you know, is a lot like gravity – all it takes is a little push.

The author, Amy, has collaborated with TheSocks’ team for this article on silk and combed cotton men’s clothing. Amy works for Patra Selections – retailer of finest silk clothing, accessories and underwear we are more than happy to recommend.


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