Outdoor Activities – what kind of socks to choose?

Outdoor activities can be tough on your feet, so a good pair of socks is a must if you want to have dry, comfortable and blister-free feet. When shopping for socks you will probably find them in the shops organized by activities such as walking, skiing, etc.. But the question is why, for example, the socks specially designed for skiing are for this specific activity. So let us now tell you a few more words about some of the different kinds of socks.

Don't forget that practicing different activities means that you need different kinds of socks.

Don’t forget that practicing different activities means that you need different kinds of socks.

Athletic socks: This category ranges from traditional white gym socks to premium technical socks intended for cross-training and running. Most of them provide some sole cushioning, but have minimal bulk overall. Running socks: Designed so that your feet can feel comfortable while you do your running. They have very little padding or dense cushioning in the heel and ball of the foot. But of course it depends on you which one you will choose. Some people prefer less padding for a better fit in their shoes, while others like more padding for added cushioning and reduced foot fatigue. Ski and snowboard socks: These are padded in the shin area and usually underfoot as well. They are thin and not intended to provide significant warmth, rather they are meant to protect your feet from pressure points and rubbing inside the boots. Their design also serves to not interfere with the energy needed to make quick turns. In terms of materials there is quite a variety, but the most common are:

Choose wisely when it comes to materials.

Choose wisely when it comes to materials.

Cotton: Although they are perfect for everyday use, you have to avoid them if you are active trainer. The problem is that they absorb sweat and your feet can get blisters because of that. Synthetic: These socks dry a lot faster than the other ones. Also they will wick the moisture and your feet will feel like on a cushion. Besides all these pros that synthetic socks have, we have to say that they are less comfortable in hot conditions. Silk: Wearing silk socks can offer you reliable wicking and smooth texture against the skin. And let us not forget that they are lightweight, but less durable that other fabrics.

A good pair of socks is always a must if you are training regularly. So don’t wait until your feet are all covered in blisters, let them be comfortable and dry all the time.


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