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Our team getting TheSocks ready for launch.

Our team getting TheSocks ready for launch.

Ladies and gents,

Today is a great day for our team and we hope, for you too. With a strong urge to improve, we have reviewed your feedback on the previous version of our website. And this is the result – the new TheSocks.com.

Faster. Simpler. Easier to navigate. Extremely consumer-centric. Why? Well, let’s be honest. We are not selling rocket ships or particle accelerators. It’s a simple product – the faster and easier it is for you to shop for it, the more time will be saved. Because, same as you, we prefer to play some video games with our kids or take a nice walk at the park, rather than going to the store every now and then for another bunch of ordinary cotton socks.

We don’t need famous people to advertise TheSocks or special apps added to your iPhone so you can organize them better. Because at the end – who really cares?

We focus on the important stuff. Materials. Price. Service. And the workforce behind it. Our socks are not made in a mystical land far, far away, but in the shiny city of Rousse, right on the banks of river Danube in Europe. Then they enjoy a ride to our distribution center in the UK, which guarantees you will receive them promptly – head to the store to check out the exact delivery estimates. From there onwards, it is You who decides where our small, blue packs of joy for your feet will land.

One last thing. TheSocks.com is an open, honest business in its infancy. You are the ones that helped us arrive where we are. So thank you for that! And if you have any additional tips or advices for us, make sure to:

–  write us at international@thesocks.com ,

– share on facebook  ,

– and follow us on twitter.


We are not just hoping – we are sure we are on the right track. Thanks to you. Have a great weekend and stay warm!



Time to restock your socks supply?

Type “SockBlog” at the checkout page of our shop to get a 25% discount now!


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