What are the benefits of a sock subscription?

Our lives are filled with obligations, tasks, chores and other things we need to do in order to be in-line with social expectations and make sure our days go smoothly. Amidst working, taking care of our families, doing sports, and maybe squeezing in a hobby in our tight schedules, we end up with a very limited amount of free time at our disposal. This makes finding extra time for the most trivial tasks, such as buying fresh socks, be hard and often annoying. While some of our daily activities have no alternative methods of being fulfilled, there are a lot of things that can be simplified and tackled by delegating responsibility. One example is buying socks, where the total cost from active participation in the selection and purchasing process significantly outweighs the benefits. In TheSocks, we have tried to simplify the purchasing process by introducing a sock subscription option which allows our customers to sign-up for receiving a new box of socks on equal time intervals determined by the client needs.

sock subscription / socken abo

Receive high quality socks at regular time intervals

Essentially, the sock subscription service is the same as a newspaper or magazine subscription. You choose the product, the place you want it delivered and the time intervals between deliveries and leave everything else to us. Instead of going to the store every now and then to fill the drawer with fresh new socks, the sock subscription does that for you. Selecting to receive your favourite socks on a subscription basis means that every 2, 4 or 6 months the socks you have chosen will appear in the mailbox of the designated address without you having to move a finger. That way with just a few minutes spent at our online socks shop you can forget all about your socks needs and let us deal with keeping your sock-drawer full of fresh pairs. Whether your old socks have lost their colour or have mystically disappeared into the dryer, you will always be one step ahead and you can spend the precious time you have doing something that you enjoy.

The benefits of a sock subscription are not just in terms of time saving. Since the service is managed as one large purchase you can take advantage of higher discounts. There are also no shipping costs associated with it. While our socks shop is not the only one that offers a subscription option, our prices tend to be between 30 and 50% lower than those of competitors. The quality of our products is by no means compromised and we continuously strive to choose only the finest possible raw materials available as an input for the production process.

socks gift

A sock subscription is a great gift!

The Christmas holidays are approaching and needless to say it is time to come up with some nice gift for family members, colleagues and friends. A sock subscription can be ordered to someone else’s name and address making it an interesting and thoughtful surprise. Especially suitable for a business environment, our socks can be a good way of thanking your boss or your employees. It does not matter where the person is located because we dispatch deliveries to all European countries and right to the recipient’s doorstep. There are no obstacles to making someone’s life easier and more comfortable with our sock subscription so share the experience and look no further than TheSocks for a great gift.


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