Preferences of socks colours and textures

As part of our launch preparation, our team at ran a short survey, aimed at giving us a slightly more educated view of the market. This effort resulted in 215 unique responses, 199 of which coming from our target markets in Europe. Several months later, we decided to go back to this study and share some of its findings with our blog readers. While the survey prompted respondents in a variety of areas regarding their sock preferences and online purchasing habits, here we will focus only on the colour and texture preferences.

Colour of socks

Overall preferences of socks colour

When it comes to colour, it is no surprise that black is what most people are after. Next in line comes the other member of the traditional colour spectrum – the blue socks. One thing that really surprised our team was the popularity of white socks. Nearly 60 people, half of whom were man, claimed that they regularly wear white socks despite the fashion outrage against them (read more here: Another interesting fact was the notable presence of red socks in this statistics – a style championed by the Scandinavian respondents.

Socks colour preferences

Preferences of socks colour by country

Looking at the country colour preference breakdown, we find some other interesting statistics. While black socks are the most common across all countries, amongst our respondents, the Dutch crew seems to be their greatest fan. When it comes to grey socks, UK and Germany consumers seem to wear them the most. UK respondents also seem to have a favourable attitude towards colourful socks in general with about 15% indicating that they like striped or colourful socks in the section “other”. Lastly, Eastern Europe seems to tolerate the largest variety in colour preferences and is also the only place where blue socks are more preferred than black.

Socks texture

Overall preferences of socks texture

The texture of the socks is their other main trait, besides colour. On our survey we proposed three main types of socks texture – plain, ribbed and textured. From those three, plain socks are by far the most preferred type across borders. To our surprise, ribbed socks were slightly less popular than the textured ones amongst our respondents.

Socks texture

Preferences of socks texture by country

Looking for any geographical tendencies, we see that ribbed socks are almost equally popular across UK, Germany, and Sweden, with UK leading the pack with just about 2-3%. Textured socks, however, were noticeably more popular in UK and Germany than anywhere else.

To sum up, plain, classic-coloured socks were indicated to be most popular according to our survey. Inspired by those findings our team at decided to launch our online socks shop with a  portfolio aiming at this exact segment. So, if you want to find out where to buy the best classic socks online.


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