How to avoid embarrassing situations by matching your socks with your suit

In the previous blog post ( you learned a little more about combed and mercerized cotton – what their advantages are, how they are produced and etc. If you wear proper socks with your suit probably no one will notice. However, if you wear the wrong socks, you can be sure someone will make a note of it. In this post we will help you select the right socks to fit your suit, so that you avoid such embarrassing situations.

Suit socks come in a variety of qualities and textures and sometimes it is hard to decide which ones look good with a specific suit. When it comes to selecting socks to wear together with formal attire there are three main parameters to take into account in order to get it right. First comes the quality of the socks – beware of socks made of cheap conventional cotton since they often prickle. Thickness is another important thing to consider, since thickness makes them more noticeable. To get a nice pair of cotton socks search for high-quality combed or mercerized cotton – these fabrics look nice, have a more pleasant touch, and a higher durability than the conventional cotton. Among them, combed cotton socks are more common since mercerized tend to be a bit more expensive and some people don’t like their light-reflection qualities, causing them to look glossy.



Fabric of plain cotton (red) is not as fine as fabric of combed cotton (grey)

The next important parameter is the colour of the socks. The general rule is to wear socks that have the same or darker colour than the trouser leg. It is perfectly fine to have another colour than the trouser leg as long as it is darker.


Dark or black socks are the most common socks

If you are looking for patterned socks, make sure you get the ones where the background colour of the socks matches the trouser leg or the primary colour of the suit. Some people also like to match the colour or pattern of their socks to the tie they are wearing. However, plain and single-coloured socks are way more common to wear with a suit than patterned ones. If you have a hard time finding socks that match the trouser leg, another option is to select socks that match the shoes you are wearing.


If you do not want or cannot match the socks with your trousers, make sure they match your shoes 

The most common colours for suit socks are black, navy, dark-grey (anthracite) or brown for the simple reason that these are also the most common colours on suits. Light socks are not as common but can be worn with a light coloured suit or shoes. (Or if you happen to be a Michael Jackson fan 😉

The third parameter is the length of the socks. Dress socks must be mid-calf height at least. However, you also have some other options. You can choose socks that are over-the-calf height or even knee-height if you prefer keeping warm.


Make sure your suit socks are calf, or even over-the-calf length

In some countries and regions socks in less subtle colours are seen as fashion accessories even though this is a declining trend. Before World War II even patterned socks were widely used but this was a trend that disappeared after the war and gave way to subtle-coloured socks.

Keep these four parameters in the back of your head when you choose which socks to wear with your suit. If you only have plain cotton socks, short socks or socks that do not match the colour of your suit, visit and enrich your wardrobe today.


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